Brian Evans

Brian Evans is the President and Founder of BT Investment Group, Inc.  He is a 2-time best selling author with his books, “The New Masters of Real Estate” and “The New Masters of Online Marketing.”  He is a cutting edge real estate investing expert, and nationally renowned entrepreneur due to his unique ability to buy houses from sellers, and sell/lease houses to buyers in a fast and fair way.

According to Brian, “real estate investing is an ever changing and evolving business, that hinges on the backbone of relationships and integrity in the marketplace…we do what we say.”

Calisa Fitzpatrick

Calisa Fitzpatrick is the Vice President of BT Investment Group, inc.  She has been an integral leader in the company since 2007, as a direct result of her knowledge, professionalism, and customer relationship priorities.  Her unique ability to understand the individual needs of our clients and provide immediate solutions for their needs sets her apart from anyone in the marketplace.

Brian, Calisa and the incredible people within BT Investment Group, Inc have gone on to invest in hundreds of real estate deals and continue to operate one of the most successful private real estate investing companies in the country.  Please call 859-935-1233 for immediate assistance.