Jack and Beth P.

Dear Brian and Calisa,

Thank you! Two small words that could never adequately express the level of gratitude we have for both of you! We thought our family was adequately prepared for any financial difficulty that came our way. Unfortunately, the combination of the economy and poor/uneducated financial decisions ultimately lead our family to a very unwelcomed position – the possibility of foreclosure. We were simply devastated to say the least. Jack & I spent an exhausting amount of time and energy working with Citimortgage, federal assistance programs, and private organizations all promising to resolve our problem. After two very long years, we finally accepted our fate and realized that we would lose our home to foreclosure.

I went to our mailbox one day and received a mailing from your office. I scanned it and tossed it in the trash. I refused to have hope one more time only to have it end sadly. A couple of weeks later, Jack received another mailing from your office and showed it to me. I told him I had already seen it and thought it was just another scam! Luckily, Jack knew best and followed his instinct to call youu.

I reluctantly joined Jack at a meeting with Calisa. I immediately felt differently because of Calisa’s knowledge, honesty, and compassion for our situation. Calisa and Brian have fought quite a battle for us! But I am pleased to report we have successfully avoided foreclosure, have settled all debt with Citimortgage, and are on the way to financial recovery.

Thanks again for your assistance and please feel free to refer anyone to us as a reference!