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Home Tips for Sellers Should you sell your house to an investor?

Should you sell your house to an investor?

Should you sell your house to an investor like me?  Lets see…

In all honesty I don't know the answer to that question because I don't know your exact situation or reason for selling, but I do know this… I've been personally buying property in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas for nearly 10 years.  I've helped hundreds of sellers get out of a problems situation and I've never put anyone out on the street or put a gun to anyone's head in an effort to buy their house. 

The fact is, there are a lot of "bad apples" out there who give good real estate investors like me a bad rap. 

In a nutshell, what I’m referring to is that there will always be a small percentage of real estate investors who let their pursuit of power, money, and greed (in no particular order) get in the way of running an ethical business. Ultimately, the emphasis should always be on creating outcomes that benefit all parties.
We’ve all come across examples of greed in people that we have done business with, and if you haven’t, you will. You can find it as the slumlord who maintains slovenly apartments to better line his or her pockets, as the scam artist who dupes others into sinking funds into phantom projects that never materialize, the Realtor who could care less about you and is just trying to get as many listings as possible, or as the heartless person who promises the world to a seller in pre-foreclosure only to leave them stranded at the eleventh hour. I could go on and on.  I've seen it all, but I also know that I still haven't seen anything yet.
Yes there are a select few who make a bad name for an investor like me, but I won't let that stop me from helping good people like you and continuing to run one of the most successful real estate investing business in Kentucky and the country.
So…if you ever do decide to sell your house to an investor then simply do your due diligence on them.  Are they with the BBB?  How long have they been in business?  Do that have recent testimonials/references?  Do they have a physical office location that you can visit them at?  Do they close with an attorney?  Do they care if you ask your attorney to be involved?  Are they standoffish or are they forthright and honest with you about their intentions?  Oh and if you ask a friend for advice, just make sure that your friend's knowledge is worthy of giving you the good advice that you seek to make a quality decision about the most valuable asset you own (your home).
As the owner and seller of YOUR house, simply do your homework and follow your instincts when selling to an investor.  As long as the numbers will work for you then you should probably do the deal with them.  If it bothers you that an investor will make a profit on your house, and this will keep you awake at night then you probably shouldn't sell to them. 
Yes, I'm an investor and I have to make a profit otherwise there is no reason for me to get involved.  I'm not looking to live in your house personally, but I am a serious buyer and will strongly consider buying your house if the numbers make sense.  I have to make a living in my profession to feed my family just like you have to make a living in your profession to feed your family.  If we can establish an honest win-win relationship then lets do the deal.  If we can't be win-win then we won't do the deal.  It's as simple as that.
Thanks for reading & God Bless,

Brian Evans

P.S. If you want to sell your Lexington, KY house then give me a call at 859-935-1233 and lets talk privately about your situation.

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